In 2013, Ocean Energy Europe published its Industry Vision Paper, which called for the creation of a stakeholder lead forum "which would steer progress at EU level and deliver a united strategy" for ocean energy.

In 2014, the European Commission created the Ocean Energy Forum.

The main output of the Forum, the Strategic Roadmap, published at Ocean Energy Europe Conference & Exhibition in Brussels in November 2016, proposed 6 actions to facilitate the emergence of a market for ocean energy in Europe. These actions are:

  • To create an EU-wide phase-gate approach for technology development
  • Identify the most suitable sites for early deployments and support pre-commercial farms there
  • Create a packaged approach for financing farms
  • Create an EU insurance fund to underwrite project risks
  • Increase collaboration to reduce costs and plan deployments
  • Create an integrated consenting programme

Ocean Energy Europe is working with the EU and Member State governments to implement these actions, thereby creating a market for ocean energy in Europe, and opening up export markets around the world.

For further information, visit the Ocean Energy Forum section of the European Commission's website.

Download the Strategic Roadmap.

161102 OEF final strategic roadmap cover image


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