Ten per cent of the European energy consumption can be supplied by marine energy technologies. Islands, deltas and offshore platforms present interesting opportunities for the installation and operation of such technologies.

The Netherlands has a strong position to fully exploit the international export potential of marine energy resources. In the workshop “Marine energy opportunities for the offshore industry”, you will learn more about energy generation from tidal stream, waves, salinity gradients and temperature differences in the water column. With the development of renewable energy concepts (for instance energising deltas, floating energy converters and tidal bridges) and internationally recognised certification, the conditions are created for insurable and bankable marine energy projects.

The programme of the workshop:



Registration North Sea Offshore


Katja Naber, Port of Den Helder

09:45 – 10:15

Marine energy as a sustainable energy resource
Britta Schaffmeister, DMEC

10:15 – 10:45

Current developments:
Risk reduction of Marine energy projects through international certification
Martijn Geertzen, NEN on behalf of the MET-CERTIFIED project
Demonstrating marine energy technologies at open water test facilities
Rachida Ftachi, Antea Group on behalve of the FORESEA project

11:00 – 11:45

Coffee break
Accelerating Innovation through an international early stage SME support program
Justin den Hartog / Iris Hoefnagels, DMEC on behalve of the NWE MEA initiative
Opportunities for collaboration:
Tidal energy - Hans van Breugel, Tocardo International
Wave energy  - Fred Gardner, Teamwork Technology
OTEC energy - Paul Dinnissen, Bluerise

11:45 – 12:15

Discussion on potential synergies


The workshop will be given by the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), supported by the MET-CERTIFIED project ( DMEC is a collaboration between knowledge institutes, test facilities, network organisation and businesses. Its goal is to stimulate the development of promising marine energy technologies and concepts and to get them to market. By doing so, DMEC gives a positive impulse to the Dutch industry and contributes to the renewable energy transition and achieving national and international climate goals.

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