Ocean Energy Slides1 thumbnailRenewable ocean energy can provide 10% of Europe’s electricity by 2050 and help meet future increases in EU electricity demand

Thanks to an abundant resource, ocean energy can significantly contribute to the EU electricity mix in Europe. The seas along European coastlines boast some of the most powerful wave and tidal resource in the world, an untapped wealth of energy.

The ocean energy industry can deploy 100GW of ocean energy devices by 2050 in the EU, producing up to 10% of its electricity. That’s as much as the daily electricity needs of all the households in France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK[1]. It’s also about as much as produced by hydroelectric dams or by the whole wind energy sector today.

Ocean energy can be scaled up considerably to help meet electricity demand increases and ensure the lights remain on. The proliferation of electric vehicles and electric heating mean electricity demand is forecast to increase by 1% annually from 2020-2050[2]. Ocean energy is thus key to the EU’s future electricity mix.

[1] Eurostat: 2014

[2] European Commission: Trends to 2050 Update. December 2013.

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