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Recruiting and retaining qualified staff is one of the challenges facing many industries and the renewable energy industry is no exception. For the past few years, the skills gaps and shortage of engineers have been widely reported. In order to fill these gaps by creating the opportunity for qualified staff and organizations looking for talented people to meet, DG Employment awarded a contract to a consortium of nine partners leaded by the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres (EUREC) for implementing the project Knowledge Centre for Renewable Energy Jobs (KnowRES).

Ocean Energy Europe is a partner of KnowRES, facilitating engagement between the ocean energy sector and the project.

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In December 2015 Ocean Energy Europe and the KnowRES consortium published the Ocean Energy Sector Report. The report provides information on recruitment trends, forecasts and most wanted profiles in the European ocean energy sector.


For more information about KnowRES, visit the KnowRES website.