The Coordinated Action on Ocean Energy Project – (CA-OE) has been established and supported by funding from European Commis FP6. The main objective of this Coordinated Action was to develop a common knowledge base necessary for coherent development of Policies in Europe, the dissemination of this knowledge base and promotion of ocean energy technologies.

The main objectives were:

  • to develop of a common knowledge base necessary for coherent development R&D policies
  • to bring a coordinated approach within key areas of ocean energy research and development
  • to provide a forum for the longer term marketing of promising research deliverables.

Primary attention was be given to the collation and evaluation of data from ocean energy systems tested in real sea conditions with the objective of undertaking performance studies and analysis. Focus was also on the revision and implementation of standards for monitoring and measuring the performance and presenting the results as described in Annex II of the IEA Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy Systems and standards related to safety in relation to structure, personnel and electrical system as prepared during the Wave Energy Network. In order to disseminate the knowledge and promote the technologies the Co-ordination Action on Ocean Energy organized five dedic interactive workshops, as vehicles to enable cooperation between the interested European parties in the sector of Ocean Energy.

1 Modelling of Ocean Energy Systems

2 Component Technology and Power Take-off

3 System design, Construction, Reliability& Safety

4 Performance Monitoring of Ocean Energy Systems

5 Environmental, Economics, Development Policy and Promotion of Opportunities

The workshops provided a forum to the different research organisations and the fledgling ocean energy industry to interact and co-ordinate ongoing R&D efforts in the field of Wave and Tidal energy on a European and international level. The output of the workshops has been incorporated in the “Tidal Energy Roadmap”. One of the main deliverables of the CA-OE project.

New academic knowledge was shared and disseminated between all interested parties and promising methodologies and technologies were transferred to the market. The partners of this co-ordination action are the leading force in the field Ocean Energy and the SME organizations pioneers on the road to commercialisation on Ocean Energy systems.

In November 2005, a workshop took place in Uppsala, Sweden, where a number of technology developpers met and explained the specificities of their technologies. Full event report could be downloaded here.