equimarEquitable testing and Evaluation of Marine Energy Extraction Devices in terms of Performance, Cost and Environmenta Impact (EquiMar)

EquiMar will deliver a suite of protocols for the equitable evaluation of marine energy converters (based on either tidal or wave energy). These protocols will harmonise testing and evaluation procedures accross the wide variety of devices presently available with the aim of accelerating adoption through technology matching and improved understanding of environmental and economic impacts associated with the deployment of arrays of devices.

EquiMar will assess devices through a suite of protocols covering site selection, device engineering design, the scaling up designs, the deployment of arrays of devices, the environmental impact, in terms of both biological & coastal processes, economic issues. A series of protocols will be developed through a robust, auditable process and disseminated to the wid community.

Results from the EquiMar project will establish a sound base for future standards (e.g. IEC TC 114).

Visit: www.equimar.eu, and the Equimar wiki.

Downoald the EquiMar high level protocols here. Download the final EquiMar Protocols or buy a printed copy on LULU