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5k Run

Our traditional pre-conference run, more details soon!

Wave showcase – On the wave to a global market

A range of developers from Europe and around the world will present their WECs (Wave Energy Converters) and give an insight into their future plans. This session will be an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in wave energy technology.


With the Green Deal Industrial Plan, a larger Innovation Fund, recovery funds and more, it’s never been a better time to harness public support to develop and deploy the best ocean energy technologies. But funding applications are a world of their own – and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

This session is for anyone who wants to help drive forward ocean energy, but who needs public support to make this happen. You’ll be able to sit around the table with and chat directly with representatives from several European and other funding programmes

Avoiding Nemo – Innovations in environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring will facilitate permitting and ensure that ocean energy is developed in harmony with marine life. Monitoring in harsh sea conditions can be challenging, but bespoke instruments are being developed to get the most accurate data from deployments. This session will present the latest innovations in underwater sound and video monitoring.

Industrial Revolution – Scaling up wave & tidal manufacturing

As ocean energy reaches industrial roll-out, it’s time to start thinking big. Our sector needs to build many machines at the same time, establish competitive new supply chains and make sure the right supporting infrastructure is in the right place. This session will identify the key challenges and see how private and public actors can work together to re-industrialise Europe!

Making strong connections – Subhubs, cables and moorings

Ocean energy devices are deployed in a harsh sea environment with high loads on connection and mooring systems. Tailored solutions need to be developed to increase survivability and reduce costs.

This session will explore different solutions in subhubs, cables and moorings. Participants will be able to join in-depth discussions on these topics in separate breakout groups.