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Ocean energy: Growing in harmony with marine life

Ocean energy helps to protect oceans by fighting against climate change, but its development must not disturb marine wildlife. A growing body of evidence shows that ocean energy has low environmental impact and can even have a positive impact on marine flora and fauna. This session will present the latest research on environmental impacts and discuss the wider ecological importance of ocean energy.


Chair: Felix Leinemann
Head of Unit | European Commission

Size matters? Lessons from scaling up

Moving from a sub-scale to full-scale device is more complex than simply increasing the size; the physical and technical implications need to be carefully considered and assessed. In this session, you will hear concrete examples of lessons learned from scaling up ocean energy devices.


Chair: Fiona Buckley
Senior Expert and Project Manager | ENGIE

Reaching financial close: Funding schemes

Europe has never been more supportive of ocean energy. Join this session for an informal face-to-face conversation with the people directing some of the most interesting funding schemes for the sector. These instruments are specifically tailored to support energy demonstration projects, innovative SMEs, the blue economy and new wave energy tech.

Expanding horizons: European leadership abroad

European companies lead the world in ocean energy and have started to explore markets outside of Europe. Several projects are currently on the way, deploying European technology in North America, Asia, and elsewhere. This session presents those projects and gives an overview of the market conditions in other parts of the world.

Asia awakens: A new momentum

Ocean energy is gaining momentum in Asia. From South Korea to Indonesia, developers are testing new devices and national governments are setting ambitious targets. This session will look at the upcoming opportunities for European developers in these emerging markets.


Chair: Ana Brito e Melo
Executive Director | WavEc

The future energy system – the value of flexibility

Fully decarbonising the energy sector is the most pressing step in achieving climate neutrality. In this context, the flexibility and predictability of ocean energy complements variable renewable energy sources and adds significant value to the energy system.

Powering the Green Transition with Blue Energy

Ocean energy is a solution to some of the most defining challenges of our time. Our oceans will help us to decarbonise, and to support 100% renewable electricity systems. Our oceans will help deliver a truly just transition, based on new jobs and economic activity. And our oceans can be a platform for European economic and technological strength.

In this session, political leaders from across Europe will join together to discuss how the Green Transition can be powered by Blue Energy.

Wave tech showcase: Innovation at work

Wave energy devices continue to advance, finding innovative ways to exploit one of the world’s richest resources. In this session, we will bring delegates up to speed with a range of rapid-fire presentations, featuring the latest news from the top wave technology developers.


Chair: Jochen Weilepp (tbc)
University of Applied Sciences Biberach and Board Advisor to Schottel Hydro

Tidal tech showcase: Powering homes

Tidal energy’s generating capacity continues to grow, powering ever more homes and businesses in Europe. This session will highlight leading tidal stream technology developers, who will present their latest achievements and experiences.