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Wave Energy Basque Country

Plan 2017-2020

The main objective of the Basque Ocean Energy Plan 2017-2020 is industrial and technology promotion. Other energy development-related objectives will take prominence in the longer-term.

Although ocean energy may be harnessed from different sources, wave energy has the highest potential in the Basque Country.

The Basque Government, through EVE, is firmly committed to marine renewable energy. The Basque coast is ideally located for developing and testing marine energy devices, and the technological and industrial base of the Basque Country has the potential to become a global centre of competence for this energy type.

    2015 2020 2030
Power MW 0.3 10 60
Share in renewable energy production % 0.03 0.4 4.4

Testing infrastructures

BiMEP – Biscay Marine Energy Platform is an offshore test area with grid connection for the demonstration and validation of wave energy converters and floating wind solutions. The infrastructure has the following characteristics:

  • Marker buoys delimiting the test area
  • Four 5MW subsea cables equipped with fibre optics
  • Water depth 50-90 m
  • Surveillance 24/7
  • Onshore office space
  • Optimal wave and wind resource

Mutriku Wave Power Plant and test site uses OWC technology to generate power which, to date, has supplied over 1.6 GWh for the grid. In addition to producing energy, the Plant offers a unique opportunity to test new concepts in air turbines, control strategies and auxiliary equipment.

Wave Energy Basque Country - The Industry

Wave Energy Basque Country brings together leading Basque companies operating in the two main speciality areas of energy and the shipbuilding and auxiliary industry, and with business objectives in the marine renewable energy sector. Alignment between business, research centres and the government gives rise to close collaboration in R&D projects.

No. of companies + 350 No. of companies + 150
Overall turnover €44,000 M Overall turnover €2,150 M
Expenditure on R&D €400 M Expenditure on R&D €215 M
International business 65% International business 80%