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Wave Energy Scotland (WES)

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Wave Energy Scotland is driving the development of wave energy technology in the biggest research and development programme ever seen in the sector. Through its work, it has awarded £28.8m to 77 projects, and been involved with 177 separate organisations, across 13 different countries. The team of 14 is dispersed between offices in Benbecula, Stornoway, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Click on the links below to see the current projects in the programme:

Novel wave energy converters

Power take-off

Control systems

Structural materials and manufacturing processes

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The organisation is leading the field in wave energy converter research and development projects in areas requiring the most development and/or having the biggest Impact on the future cost of this form of renewable energy. These areas are agreed by WES via stakeholder consultation including the WES Advisory Group: a body with expertise drawn from the business. academic, investment and insurance sectors. The Group provides a commercial focus and ensures that projects will only be taken forward if there is a prospect of developing and delivering commercially viable technology.

Wave Energy Scotland is supporting projects that are demonstrating a route to market for their designs and solutions which meet the WES requirements. WES is particularly interested in technology transfer from other sectors such as automotive, offshore wind, mining, aerospace, defence, maritime and oil & gas. Innovation and collaboration are actively encouraged between business, research Institutes and academia.

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A key objective for WES is the sharing of knowledge and experience with practitioners in the field. Since its inception it has acquired relevant IP from Pelamis and Aquamarine Power which it is now sharing with wave energy technology developers. It has also undertaken a series of ‘knowledge capture’ studies with other Scottish wave energy technology development companies to secure this valuable experience for Scotland. The results are freely available on the WES Library website.

Current work underway includes four landscaping projects examining:

  • Alternative Generation Technologies
  • Very Large-Scale Wave Energy Converters
  • Moorings and Foundations
  • Electrical Connections

The results from this work will be shared publicly on WES’ online library, and considered when WES plans any future funding calls.

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