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Discover the Power of Copernicus Marine Service Data in Ocean Energy Development


Mercator Ocean International and Ocean Energy Europe are excited to announce a joint webinar on leveraging Copernicus Marine Service products for advancing the ocean energy sector. The webinar will take place on the 19th of June 2024, offering an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders to explore how this data can significantly enhance their ocean energy projects and research.

Copernicus Marine Service, part of Europe’s flagship earth observation program, provides essential free data on global and regional ocean and sea conditions. This data is crucial for various stages of ocean energy project development, from environmental impact assessments to site selection and power production forecasts. The service delivers data from satellites, in-situ sensors, and numerical models on variables such as ocean temperature, salinity, currents, and sea levels.

The upcoming webinar, co-organised by Mercator Ocean International and Ocean Energy Europe, aims to showcase the practical applications and benefits of Copernicus Marine Service products in the ocean energy sector.

Participants will learn directly from three current users who will present their experiences and the tangible advantages gained from using this data. The webinar will also provide a platform for potential users to engage directly with experts from Copernicus Marine Service, fostering an interactive exchange of knowledge and insights.


Expanding the user base of Copernicus Marine Service data within the ocean energy sector supports project development and accelerates the deployment of renewable ocean energy technologies in Europe. This collective effort aligns with the EU’s decarbonisation goals and the EU Green Deal’s vision for a sustainable future.


Don’t miss this chance to discover how Copernicus Marine Service data can enhance your ocean energy projects and contribute to a sustainable energy future. Register now to secure your spot and take part in this unique opportunity to learn, interact, and innovate.


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