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ETIP Ocean webinar: Demonstration of tidal stream devices – blades & rotors

Event overview

Date : 17/11/2020

Time : 15:00

The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Ocean Energy was published in June this year. The SRIA identifies six Challenge Areas, defined as R&I fields worth investing during the next period of five years. Each Challenge Area includes several Priority Topics assessed according to the opportunity for the sector in Europe and the urgency to be overcome.

ETIP Ocean will hold a number of webinars in cooperation with EERA Ocean Energy JP to exchange on the Priority Topics and get the sector prepared for future funding calls. During 2020, the webinars will focus on the first Challenge Area, “Design and Validation of Ocean Energy Devices”.

Improving the survivability and efficiency of tidal blades and rotors will enhance the performance and reliability of the whole device. This webinar will focus on the demonstration of tidal stream devices with a more detailed discussion on the improvement of blades and rotors.


  • Loïc Piriou, Sabella
  • Lorna Slater & Finlay Wallace, Orbital Marine
  • Pablo Yáñez, Magallanes Renovables