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Hann-Ocean Energy officially established in Zhoushan


On December 12, 2020, the Climate Ambition Summit was held in Beijing by video, and General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at the meeting that “By 2030, China’s non-fossil energy will account for about 25% of primary energy consumption, and the total installed capacity of wind and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts”. In 2021, Zhejiang Province Development and Reform Commission and Energy Bureau issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development in Zhejiang Province”, mentioning that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the province’s tidal wave energy equipment research and development has made a siginificant breakthrough, and the technology is close to the international advanced level. A number of tidal wave energy units with installed capacity ranging from 60 to 650 kilowatts have completed sea trials in Zhoushan sea area. The LHD tidal wave energy demonstration project in Zhoushan has achieved long-term grid-connected operation, and the tidal wave energy test sites of universities such as Zhejiang University and research institutions have been built and put into test operation in Zhoushan.

As a large marine province in China, Zhoushan, Zhejiang attaches great importance to the development and utilization of marine energy and has introduced several policies to attract marine energy development enterprises to settle in, which has already had a considerable number of practical cases and formed a certain agglomeration effect. Shengsi County is located in the East China Sea, east of the Pacific Ocean, and is rich in wave resources, which is highly suitable for wave energy development and application.

With the strong support of the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the Shengsi County Government, Hann-Ocean Energy launched the third-generation 15 KW “Drakoo” wave energy generator at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Wulong Township, Shengsi County for sea trial on January 8, 2022. Until now, Hann-Ocean has successfully completed a six-month offshore test and collected many essential test data. Meanwhile, solutions addressing the issues found in the sea trial have been formulated, which has laid a solid foundation for the next step of large-scale application of “Drakoo”.


In July 2022, Hann-Ocean Energy (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Shengsi, Zhoushan. Several state-owned enterprises, research institutes and universities have already been seeking cooperation with Hann-Ocean Energy. On August 10,2022, the vice general manager of Hann-Ocean Energy (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd was interviewed by Zhejiang News and Zhoushan News, introducing the “Drakoo” wave energy generator sea trial project again. In addition to many official publicity of the sea trial, this program showed again the importance of this sea trial and how much attention both Zhoushan government and public have paid to the sea trial. In the future, Hann-Ocean Energy will further expand the scale of sea trials to promote the commercialization of wave energy products and combine with offshore wind power to create a more extensive comprehensive marine energy development system. Hann-Ocean Energy will do its part to give full play to the potential of Zhoushan marine energy and actively promote the development of green energy in Zhoushan!