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Minesto completes first Holyhead Deep installation phase


Minesto has completed the first offshore installation phase of the project aimed at demonstrating Minesto’s marine energy technology Deep Green in utility scale. The gravity-based structure, including the bottom joint system that moors Minesto’s DG500 power plant to the foundation, has been installed at the seabed in the Holyhead Deep off North West Wales.

“We’re happy to be under way and to have the first piece of hardware installed at the site in Holyhead Deep”, said Minesto’s COO David Collier. “This is milestone in the DG500 project.”

The gravity-based structure was towed out to the Holyhead Deep site located some 6km off Holy Island and lowered to the seabed by ballasting its cells with water.

The foundation, with the bottom joint system attached on top, is the component that via the tether moors the DG500 “kite” to the seabed and lets it operate freely in its pre-determined figure-of-eight trajectory.

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