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Minesto resumes operations in the Faroe Islands


Leading marine energy developer Minesto continuous the operations programme with the DG100 tidal energy powerplant in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands. This includes verification of electricity production together with the utility customer SEV and third-party certifier DNV. Personnel, hardware, and installation vessel have been mobilised and commissioning work is underway.

“We are pleased to be back in action in the Faroes and look forward to push forward providing tidal energy to the Faroese electric grid from the site in Vestmannasund”, said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto. “Scaling up and commercialising the technology is the obvious business focus for Minesto. We are making good progress in realising a proposed 10MW site together with our partner SEV in the Faroe Islands. This work includes important local collaboration to secure long-term cost-effective operating resources.”

In parallel, Minesto is working with the international classification society DNV for third party verification of the power production performance of Minesto’s technology according to international standards. The first phase of this collaboration has been completed.


“Third party validation of the DG100 system’s electricity production performance is an enabler in strengthening commercial relations and attraction of project funding”, said Martin Edlund.


Successful verification of the DG100 product configuration during the end of 2020, with regards to both functionality and performance, has during the last months enabled design freeze and manufacturing planning for scale-up of a 1.2MW powerplant. This design constitutes the basis for the two tidal energy farms in development in the Faroe Islands and Wales.


“With a strengthened and more experienced organization we are confident that the focus on developing utility scale projects in parallel with the key operations in Vestmannasund will give us the results we need to successfully commercialise our unique product”, said Martin Edlund.