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Minesto starts commissioning of second “Dragon 4” tidal energy power plant


The second Dragon Class tidal energy power plant “Dragon 4” has now arrived at Minesto’s grid-connected site in Vestmanna, Faroe Islands. This power plant commissioning has now commenced, and it will greatly benefit from previous configuration testing executed with the first unit.

“As we are now commissioning the second “Dragon 4” unit, it’s with vital experience of cost-efficient onshore and offshore operations. In Vestmanna, we have created a flexible setup, where a small team can assemble and launch the kite in a few hours, practically in all tidal conditions. This operating methodology can be transferred to any location,” says Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

“At first glance, the two “Dragon 4” kites look identical, though a few upgrades have been implemented as part of the product development process. It’s only three months between the installation of these two units, and it is satisfying to note that this short period is sufficient time to assess, decide, install, and test upgrades prior to delivery. This also underlines the fabrication friendliness of our technology,” says Bernt Erik Westre, CTO of Minesto.