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Ocean Energy Photography Exhibition: A New Power Sector Made in Europe


An exhibition presenting the ocean energy industry’s most striking photography will take place at the Press Club, Brussels, as part of 2017 EU Sustainable Energy Week. Following an opening reception at 18:00 on Monday 19 June, the exhibition will run until 30 June.

Ocean energy technologies are visually captivating, due to their hi-tech nature and exciting operational environment: the sea. This photo exhibition will present a snapshot of an industry in take-off mode, following breakthrough pre-commercial deployments in 2016 and 2017.


European companies are global leaders in ocean energy, accounting for 66% of tidal patents, and 44% of wave energy patents globally. Ocean energy is a new industrial sector, which like offshore wind, will bring significant jobs and economic development in the regions concerned and across Europe.


The event will be attended by members of the Ocean Energy Europe Board of Directors, which meets in Brussels that afternoon. The exhibtiion provides an excellent opportunity for the EU Affairs communittee to engage with the OEE Board, the most senior representatives of Europe’s ocean energy industry.


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