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Resen Waves launches investment call


Resen Waves is seeking investors to develop its small-scale commercial 300W to 3kW Smart Power Buoys and attract new international opportunities.

Smart Power Buoys provide autonomous power in the sea and instant data communication with instruments or AUV docking stations on the seabed, no matter where they are in the oceans.

The solutions can replace traditional ship operation for survey work in numerous offshore industries, including the fast-growing offshore wind industry. It is CO2 neutral; reduces operational survey cost by up to 90% and improves human safety in the sea. Every ship taken out of operation saves 10.000 tons of CO2 per year.

Resen Waves is also proud to announce that its technology will be used for monitoring the first large-scale CCS “Project Greensand” in the Danish sector of the North Sea which begins this year (2022).

Per Resen Steenstrup, Founder and CEO stated: “We would like to meet with like-minded investors to support our growth and agree how to take Resen Waves to the next level, he continued “this could be via a change in ownership or shared investment in the region of 3- 4M€ – I look forward to sharing further information on our plans and finances.”

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