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Joint letter calling for a revision of the Innovation Fund


Ahead of the European elections, we, members of civil society, firmly believe it is time to seize the momentum and ensure a concrete implementation of the Green Deal through far-reaching and efficient financing tools.

EU institutions have reached historic milestones over the last five years, adopting the Green Deal legislative packages in essential areas, crucial for climate and energy targets and environmental protection. The 455 million EU citizens are now better equipped than the rest of the world to face the climate emergency. The EU pledged to become the first green economy and is on the right way to earn this title. This would not have been possible without the continued cooperation between the diverse stakeholders, from policymakers to scientists, industry and civil society representatives.

Now has come the time of implementation for the Green Deal. This means unlocking important investments of €813 billion per year, according to I4CE1, to reach its climate objectives. A significant share of these investments must go into derisking and accelerating the deployment of breakthrough electricity production technologies that will strengthen the energy and climate resilience of the EU. These priorities must be secured in the next legislative period.


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