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Joint Letter: Yes to 45% – or higher – Renewable Energy by 2030 For our people, security, prosperity, and climate


The IPCC warns that we are entering code red for humanity: more than 1.5 °C warming is inevitable unless we make deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions immediately. Pressure on European fossil supplies following the Russian invasion of Ukraine tells us what we already know – renewable energy is security and fossil fuel dependency is vulnerability. Consumption of Russian fossil fuels directly funds the invasion, while gas-driven energy price hikes overwhelm European citizens. This exceptional backdrop compels us to urgently reshape national and European energy policies.

Accelerated renewable deployment is critical to our independence from Russian fossil energy and will protect our citizens and economies from rapidly rising energy prices.

We must act now to speed up the renewable energy transition. Securing a European-wide 45% renewable energy target for 2030 – or higher – in REDIII negotiations is paramount to ensure that European citizens and businesses have access to clean, secure, and affordable energy.

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