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Manifesto for a European Ocean Pact


The Manifesto for a European Ocean Pact proposes a ground-breaking initiative aimed at catalysing a transformative approach to ocean governance and sustainable economic development within the European Union. As a collaborative effort, initiated by Europe Jacques Delors and the Oceano Azul Foundation, this manifesto endeavours to drive forward a comprehensive agenda that recognises the intrinsic link between the wellbeing of our societies, the competitiveness of our economies and the health of our ocean and waters. A group of high-level stakeholders with deep knowledge and experience of the ocean and the European Union (EU) have nurtured its content and driven forward a robust commitment to the ocean within the next European legislature.

OEE is proud of its contribution to the Manifesto, and the inclusion of wave and tidal energy as key innovative emerging technologies needed to build a strongand competitive European sustainable blue economy.

Read the full Manifesto for a European Ocean Pact