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OEE signs letter calling for simpler and quicker permitting process


Addressing permitting bottlenecks is critical to unlock renewables’ potential and make investments happen. But as things stand, national licensing frameworks do not keep pace with the scale and volume of renewable investments needed to deliver an EU green recovery – let alone the European Green Deal.

We are therefore calling for simpler and quicker permitting process and asking the European Commission to:

  • Ensure Member States effectively transpose and enforce the permitting rules in the 2018 Renewable Energy Directive for new and repowered renewable energy projects i.e. single contact point, shorter process;
  • Audit Member States on whether they have the human and administrative resources to process the permit applications needed for the renewable energy commitments made in the 2030 National Plans; and
  • Clarify with Member States that there are no barriers in EU law that forbid changes in the technology specifications in the timeframe between permit application and construction of a renewable energy project. Member States should support renewable energy operators in deploying the most efficient technology available for a specific site.

Download the full letter.