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Recruitment: Marine Energy Ambassador in the Netherlands


The successful candidate will be the national-level representative of the Dutch marine energy sector (‘the sector’). His / her aim is to raise the profile of the sector and ensure that it receives the support necessary to further develop and expand.

This requires effective communication of the sector’s potential, its wider contribution to society, and its policy and funding needs. Messages should be delivered to those at both functional and political levels within the Dutch government, who can help deliver on these needs.

He / she is responsible for the definition and implementation of advocacy strategy, in close cooperation with Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) and the sector. He / she will build and maintain a close relationship with sectoral players, and will consult closely when devising messaging and policy positions.

The successful candidate will work in the offices of Dutch marine energy players in the Netherlands, while liaising with OEE, which is based in Brussels, Belgium.


The work would span 2.5 years, with the possibility of renewal.


Responsibilities: Policy & Engagement


Responsibilities: Services to the Sector






We assume all candidates will be able to work under pressure, on budget and tight deadlines, have an eye for detail, etc …