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Make renewables a key Strategic Value Chain in the EU Industrial Strategy


In anticipation of the European Commission’s forthcoming industrial strategy, which will lay out the foundation of a climate-neutral society, 10 leading European renewable energy associations joined forces to stress the strategic importance of their sectors in delivering the European Green Deal and facilitating the decarbonisation of industry.

The associations signed a joint letter that urges renewable energy technologies to be acknowledged as a key Strategic Value Chain, complementing the six key Strategic Value Chains already identified by the Strategic Forum on Important Projects of Common European Interest. Membership of the Strategic Forum should be opened to representatives of renewable energy industries before the end of 2020.

The decarbonisation of the EU’s society and economy requires the large-scale deployment of cost-competitive renewable energy capacities by 2050. This will create a massive demand for green energy products in the EU and abroad, unlocking vast opportunities for European industries.  

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, said: “Wind and solar have delivered incredible jobs and economic activity in Europe these last 10 years. It is now time for a 2nd generation of renewables, including ocean energy, to reach industrialisation and provide flexibility in a renewables based energy system. Renewables bring more jobs per kWh than gas or coal generation. Acknowledging these sectors as one of the key Strategic Value Chains is thus a no-brainer to foster industrial development in Europe.”

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said: “The renewable energy industry is pivotal in delivering the European Green Deal. Solar and renewables offer low-cost and innovative solutions to decarbonising Europe’s energy system. Acknowledging renewables as one of the key Strategic Value Chains in the next Industrial Strategy published in March can unlock our full potential, bringing highly skilled jobs and energy self-sufficiency, powering all Europeans.”

Read the full letter here : Joint RES Letter on EU Industrial Strategy