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Main Session

Wave showcase – On the wave to a global market

A range of developers from Europe and around the world will present their WECs (Wave Energy Converters) and give an insight into their future plans. This session will be an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in wave energy technology.


With the Green Deal Industrial Plan, a larger Innovation Fund, recovery funds and more, it’s never been a better time to harness public support to develop and deploy the best ocean energy technologies. But funding applications are a world of their own – and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

This session is for anyone who wants to help drive forward ocean energy, but who needs public support to make this happen. You’ll be able to sit around the table with and chat directly with representatives from several European and other funding programmes


Chair: Lotta Pirttimaa, Senior Policy Officer, Ocean Energy Europe

Industrial Revolution – Scaling up wave & tidal manufacturing

As ocean energy reaches industrial roll-out, it’s time to start thinking big. Our sector needs to build many machines at the same time, establish competitive new supply chains and make sure the right supporting infrastructure is in the right place. This session will identify the key challenges and see how private and public actors can work together to re-industrialise Europe!


Chair: Yuki Esser, Head of Operations, DMEC

Global market, global opportunities

The session will focus on market opportunities around the world. What is the policy landscape and how is the sector developing in different continents? Panellist will provide their views on what is enabling the deployment of wave and tidal and how barriers could be overcome in the future.


Chair: Valentin Dupont, Policy Officer, Ocean Energy Europe

The Leader’s Discussion – Making Ocean Energy Happen Here & Now

With a ‘reboot’ of the EU Offshore Strategy in the pipeline, it’s time for a critical look at what’s needed for Europe to remain a world leader in ocean energy. This is not just about funding – it’s also about political support, market creation, rewarding ocean energy’s unique value-add and getting all the right stakeholders onboard. The oceans are rising… so are we.


Chair: Kerrie Sheehan, Head of Research & Technology, SEAI

Tidal showcase – The path to pilot farms

Tidal stream technologies are on the rise, as there are more and more mature turbines and pilot farms in the ocean. This session will shine a light on the latest developments in tidal stream technology. Developers will present their newest project and share their advances regarding device design, materials and cost reduction.

Shark Tank – Investing in Ocean Energy

Ocean energy is ready for business. Hear first-hand from investors about what they are looking for and why, and what they’d like to see in the coming years.

Flagship – Watts in the water

One of our programme mainstays, the Flagship session showcases year after year what projects have hit the water. Check our 2023’s edition!