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Debate: Drivetrain Decisions – To Gear or Not to Gear?

The choice of drivetrain technology is a critical decision for optimising performance and cost-efficiency of tidal devices. Should tidal turbines use a direct drivetrain, bypassing the gearbox for simplicity and reliability, or opt for an indirect drivetrain with a gearbox to optimise speed and torque? Find that out in this debate!

Wave showcase – From the tank to the ocean

The wave energy world is expanding rapidly, more and more innovative prototypes are being developed and tested, while some developers are planning to deploy the first wave farms in the world. Join us to meet the wave developers that are building the industry, and learn more about their technology and the challenges they faced at various stages of their development.

Off-grid applications – Alternative markets and route to utility-scale grid

For some, off-grid applications represent alternative markets with different business models. For others, they are a springboard towards main grid market. Explore the newest off-grid applications with leading players in the field, and discover future opportunities from powering remote communities to decarbonising offshore activities.

Captains Conclusions – Steering the ocean energy course

With elections in Europe and America, this high-level session takes stock of the bigger picture. How does ocean energy fit into the new European Commission’s priorities? What does the result of the US Presidential Election mean for the industry—in Europe and abroad?

Ocean energy and European regions – A partnership for growth

European regions are long time supporters of ocean energy development, and in turn the industrialisation of the sector creates new local jobs and markets. In this session, regional actors will present what they’re doing for ocean energy and discuss what ocean energy can do for them.

International markets – Unlocking market opportunities beyond Europe

Market opportunities are growing thanks to blooming policy support worldwide. This session will explore how markets beyond Europe are playing their cards right to make the best use of their ocean energy resources. Speakers will take stock of the latest market progress in their regions and identify required policy support to scale up the technology.

Technology showcase: Tidal stream

Our annual tidal energy showcase will once again shine a light on the latest developments in tidal stream technology. Developers will present their newest projects, and share the advances they have made when it comes to device design, materials and cost reduction.


Chair: Marlène Kiersnowski, Director of Development, Énergie de la Lune