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Technology showcase: Tidal stream

Our annual tidal energy showcase will once again shine a light on the latest developments in tidal stream technology. Developers will present their newest projects, and share the advances they have made when it comes to device design, materials and cost reduction.


Chair: Marlène Kiersnowski, Director of Development, Énergie de la Lune

Under the sea: Monitoring the marine environment

Every project that installs ocean energy devices in real-sea conditions includes monitoring of potential environmental impacts. To date, impacts of single devices have been negligible. As the sector progresses towards pilot farms, developers are making sure that no harm is caused to the marine environment. In this session, speakers will reveal what’s going on under the water at the first tidal stream pilot farms and full-scale wave deployments.


Chair: Xavier Guillou, Team Leader, European Commission

Balancing the energy system with ocean energy

It is now well understood that tidal and wave energy’s core added value is their flexibility. However, saying these technologies bring ‘value to the grid’ is not enough. This session will go beyond the slogans and showcase studies and real-world cases to demonstrate how ocean energy technologies can help balance the electricity grid.


Chair: Andrew Smith, Founder, Deja Blue

Getting to the FUND-amentals: Meet the Funders

European support opportunities for ocean energy have never been greater. This is your chance to sit down face-to-face with European funders, to better understand the possibilities now and into 2022. You’ll be able to discuss what’s in store for the Innovation Fund Small-Scale call, Horizon Europe, the revamped BlueInvest Fund, the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator programme, and an exciting new opportunity from the Basque Energy Agency.


Chair: Donagh Cagney, Policy Director, Ocean Energy Europe

Technology showcase: Wave energy

A range of developers will present their WECs (Wave Energy Converters) and give an insight into their plans for deployment and testing. Several devices have been installed over the past year, and this session will be an opportunity to hear about these projects and how WECs are being made more robust and more cost-efficient.


Chair: Rob Flynn, Commercial Manager, EMEC

Made in Europe: The ocean energy supply chain

Existing ocean energy projects are based on a mostly European supply chain, reaching from coastal regions to landlocked countries. This session will explore the supply chain opportunities that ocean energy creates. The session will also launch the forthcoming ETIP Ocean publication on the socioeconomic impact of ocean energy.


Chair: Lukasz Kolinski, Head of Unit for Renewables & System Integration Policy,  European Commission

The race to 2025: path to 100 MW

This session will provide a glimpse into the future of ocean energy in Europe. OEE will open the scene with key findings from the ‘Target 2025’ ocean energy project pipeline analysis and leading developers will present their upcoming demonstration projects.


Chair: Rémi Collombet, Senior Policy Officer, Ocean Energy Europe

Target 2025: Delivering on the offshore strategy

The European Offshore Strategy has a clear short-term objective for ocean energy: 100MW by 2025. The industry has made clear that this target is achievable … if the right framework is in place. This session assembles political, governmental and industry leaders to articulate how that framework should look.


Chair: Sue Barr, Chair, UK Marine Energy Council

Flagship projects: Watts in the Water

A firm favourite every year, the session will present the most exciting projects to hit the water in 2021, whether because of technology excellence, sheer size, macroeconomic benefits or new markets.


Chair: Rémi Gruet, CEO,  Ocean Energy Europe