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Multi-use at the North Sea

In this side event, the latest insights will be shared on multi-use at the North Sea. As one of the busiest seas in the world, making efficient use of space is crucial to balance its various stakeholder needs. The solution is to combine renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar with multi-use innovations in multi-source offshore energy parks.

Join Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) and Campus@Sea to:

– hear all about combining renewables energy sources in offshore energy parks and the EU-SCORES project;

– discover how European offshore test site Campus@Sea in Scheveningen accelerates solutions for multi-use;

– discuss how we can accelerate the adoption and reduce the time to market of nature-inclusive, insurable and bankable multi-use innovations at sea together.

ETIP Ocean Side Event

ETIP Ocean has started the work to update the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for ocean energy. The SRIA outlines the priority research, development and innovation challenges to encourage the commercialisation of ocean energy technologies. It provides guidance to EU and national funders by presenting concrete research and innovation actions that will allow ocean energy to meet its SET Plan targets.


Over the past months, the ETIP Ocean Technology Working Group has helped prioritise the research, development and innovation topics that will accelerate the development of ocean energy the most in the coming years. This side event will present the work done so far and gather input from the participants with a view to publishing an updated edition of the SRIA in 2024.

Avoiding Nemo – Innovations in environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring will facilitate permitting and ensure that ocean energy is developed in harmony with marine life. Monitoring in harsh sea conditions can be challenging, but bespoke instruments are being developed to get the most accurate data from deployments. This session will present the latest innovations in underwater sound and video monitoring.


Chair: Peter Scheijgrond, Chairman, EWA

Making strong connections – Subhubs, cables and moorings

Ocean energy devices are deployed in a harsh sea environment with high loads on connection and mooring systems. Tailored solutions need to be developed to increase survivability and reduce costs.

This session will explore different solutions in subhubs, cables and moorings. Participants will be able to join in-depth discussions on these topics in separate breakout groups.


Chair: Giuseppe Giorgi, Research Fellow, Politecnico di Torino

Operations & Maintenance – Reducing the cost of producing at coast

Delivering marine energy will require continued cost reduction. This technical session on operations and maintenance will see experts set out examples of challenges and the solutions implemented to address these. The session will conclude with participants setting out the main issues that they see in marine energy playing a key role in future energy systems.


Chair: Jon Lekube Garagarza, Project Manager, BiMEP

Licence to deploy – Accelerating ocean energy permitting

Permitting is a key part of any ocean energy deployment. This session will explain the ins and outs of permitting processes in some of the key ocean energy countries – to help you navigate through the process in the smoothest and fastest way. The session will conclude with participants identifying the best practices and areas of improvement in permitting – to help you get your device in the water as fast as possible.


Chair: Vera Kissler, Policy Officer European Commission (tbc)