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Innovative OE designs for islands

Primarily led by industries involved in the manufacturing and testing of ocean energy devices, the session will focus in presenting the latest technologies, project designs and applications with the potential to become ground breaking opportunities in islands.


Moderator: Paul Durrant
Programme Officer – Renewable Energy Innovation | IRENA

Ocean energy potential in Islands

In the context of the SIDS Lighthouse Initiative, the session will focus in presenting the opportunities and benefits that ocean energy can bring to islands in terms of diversifying the energy generation mix, provision of firm capacity to support the integration of variable renewable energy, as well as tackling other standing challenges faced by islands.


Moderator: Roland Roesch
IITC Deputy Director | IRENA

IRENA Event: Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe

In partnership with Ocean Energy Europe, the International Renewable Energy Agency’s event ‘Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe’ will complement and continue the OEE2019 programme. The event will provide a global perspective on the state of the technology in a variety of potential markets and will discuss what enabling frameworks are needed to accelerate the commercial deployment of this renewable technology.


View the full IRENA Event programme


More information about the IRENA event

The Americas: What’s new in the New World

This session focuses on both the North and South American markets. How is the sector developing? What are the latest technology developments? How supportive are national governments? From Nova Scotia to Chile, delegates will learn about the latest projects and opportunities from national experts.


Chair: Roland Roesch
Deputy Director Innovation and Technology Center | IRENA

Tidal energy technology showcase

Tidal energy is already powering European homes with clean, reliable energy, and the next generation of tidal farms is just around the corner. In this session, leading tidal stream device developers will present their technology and latest achievements.


Our classic tidal energy technology showcase is innovating with a new format this year. Rapid-fire presentations will give you the best possible overview of current developments in tidal technology.


Chair: Jochen Weilepp
University of Applied Sciences Biberach and Board Advisor to Schottel Hydro

Creative tension – combining public and private investment

This is true a ‘public-private partnership’ session, bringing funders and investors together to exchange on this core relationship in the ocean energy sector. Panellists will debate the best ways to bring public and private sector actors together in a project finance context, and swap experiences of what has worked well and what has not.


Chair: Tim Cornelius
Chief Executive Officer | SIMEC Atlantis Energy

Local economic impact of ocean energy

As ocean energy develops and supply chains emerge, the sector’s economic significance is becoming increasingly clear. We are starting to better understand how the sector’s economic impact will look when the sector reaches industrial roll-out. This session brings together those tracking this development across Europe, with regional players who can see the progress first-hand.


Chair: Britta Schaffmeister
Director | Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Ocean energy – bringing value to the grid

Highly predictable ocean energy has a crucial role to play as a balancing partner to variable renewables. What value can we put on the complementarity of ocean energy and its flexibility? This session will present ground-breaking initiatives showcasing various ways to integrate ocean energy in the energy system.


Chair: Sara Armstrong
Electrical Development Engineer | DP Energy

European ambitions for ocean energy – tools & targets

Europe has big ambitions for ocean energy, and is rolling out the next generation of funding instruments that will help turn these ambitions into reality.

Join this session and take part in direct face-to-face conversation with those who are overseeing Europe’s ocean energy planning and funding.


Video Address by Karmenu Vella
European Commissioner | Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries


Intro Presentation by Andreea Strachinescu
Head of Unit | European Commission, DG MARE


Chair: Donagh Cagney
Policy Director | Ocean Energy Europe