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Debate: Drivetrain Decisions – To Gear or Not to Gear?

The choice of drivetrain technology is a critical decision for optimising performance and cost-efficiency of tidal devices. Should tidal turbines use a direct drivetrain, bypassing the gearbox for simplicity and reliability, or opt for an indirect drivetrain with a gearbox to optimise speed and torque? Find that out in this debate!

Debate: Surface or seabed? The best place for your substation

As the ocean energy sector moves towards larger arrays, using individual export cables from every device to shore is no longer cost-effective. Substations will be needed to optimise power export. But what is the best solution for your substation: on the surface or submerged? In this debate, current array developers argue for their preferred option.

Debate: Seal the deal – Wet vs dry-mate connectors

Reliable and efficient connectors are crucial for the deployment and maintenance of ocean energy devices. The choice between wet-mate and dry-mate connectors can significantly impact the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of projects. Join this debate to hear experts make their case for the best solution, and help chart the course for the future of ocean energy connections.

The financing booster – Unlocking private investments with the insurance fund

As more and more farms are about to hit the waters, leveraging the power of de-risking instruments to mitigate technical risks is a major priority for the sector. Join the conversation with experts and industry players to find out how to unlock the wave of private investments required to boost pilot farm financing.

Funding ocean energy R&I

This session presents an array of national and regional funding schemes available for ocean energy R&I. Get a high-level overview of the most interesting opportunities as well as the key points if you consider applying.