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Fortum joins Ocean Energy Europe
fortum-joins-ocean-energy-europe Fortum Corporation, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, is now the newest member of Ocean Energy Europe. The company generates,... Read More
Paddy O’Kane takes charge at Aquamarine...
paddy-o-kane-takes-charge-at-aquamarine-power Aquamarine Power has appointed Dr Paddy O'Kane as the company's Chief Executive Officer. O'Kane replaces interim CEO John Malcolm... Read More
Scotland beckons for an array of PLAT-O...
scotland-beckons-for-an-array-of-plat-o-systems   Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) Ltd is making a strategic move into the Scottish tidal energy sector... Read More
Ocean observatory for Galway Bay
ocean-observatory-for-galway-bay Major upgrade of national marine R&D infrastructure to drive Ireland’s ocean energy potential A... Read More
DTOcean Project Training Workshop #1 to Glasgow,...
dtocean-project-kicks-off-with-training-workshop-1-in-glasgow-uk Location: Alsh Room, SECC, Glasgow Time and date:5 May 2015, 15:00 – 18:00 Following 18 months of intensive work, the DT... Read More
Integrated hydrogen system for tidal energy...
integrated-hydrogen-system-for-tidal-energy-storageEMEC has procured an electrolyser to convert power generated at its tidal test site in Orkney to hydrogen fuel. The ground-breaking... Read More