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SABELLA, over 12 years of innovation in the tidal current energy sector

Founded in 2008, SABELLA is a French pioneering tidal turbine developer. The technology is composed of a horizontal axis rotor installed on a gravity-based structure laying on the seabed.

Full-scale D10-1000 demonstrator was successfully installed in 2015 in the Fromveur Passage. The 1 MW tidal turbine was grid-connected to Ushant Island to supply electricity to the 800 inhabitants of this off-grid area.

Since 2015, SABELLA has optimized and validated the electrical and mechanical performances of its 1-MW full-scale turbine, in harsh real-sea conditions. Now, the company is working on the design and construction of the first commercial tidal arrays in France, thanks to PHARES project, that will be the continuation of D10 demonstrator in Ushant. In parallel, Sabella is also involved in TIGER experimental program in the Gulf of Morbihan and has recently built a new partnership with Scottish developer Nova Innovation, for exciting future oversea projects. .

Simplicity + ruggedness = reliability

Bearing in mind the technical constraints inherent to the marine environment, where the devices are deployed, and the economic constraints existing in an emerging field such as tidal energy, SABELLA’s technological choices are driven by two cornerstones: simplicity and ruggedness.

SABELLA offers a wide range of scalable products from 100 kW to 2 MW, with different rotor sizes, tailored for site specific conditions and electricity needs of the grid.

To anticipate future large-scale tidal arrays, SABELLA has already developed a redundant inboard conversion/transformation system that allows the integration and transport of the electricity production of several turbines through a single export cable, connected to a subsea hub.

Key projects in the pipeline

PHARES: in collaboration with AKUO Energy, French Independent Power Producer, SABELLA is developing a pilot tidal array of two devices (500 kW rated power each) in the Fromveur Passage. The array will be coupled with an energy storage as well as solar and wind energy systems. The hybrid system will displace Diesel production of Ushant Island up to 85%. The commissioning of the tidal array is expected for early 2023.

TIGER: in collaboration with MHE56 and through the Interreg EU-funded TIGER project, SABELLA is designing and building a pilot tidal array of two devices (250 kW rated power each). The project will be installed in the Gulf of Morbihan, France, in Summer 2022.

Fuel-Free Island model

Acknowledging the current energy context, allied with the global level of maturity of the industry, SABELLA chose to focus on the development of a “Fuel Free Island” model for its mid-term business strategy. Indeed, energy supply is a critical issue for off-grid areas such as islands and far-flung shore communities or industries.

Tidal energy within a hybrid renewable energy mix is offering a predictable, decarbonated and sustainable energy resource. The flagship project already carried by SABELLA for Ushant Island and the incoming PHARES showcase are paving the way to this Fuel-Free Island model. SABELLA is actively working on replicating this model for remote and off-grid areas worldwide, with projects in ASEANO.

This model allows SABELLA to make its solution even more robust and reliable while having commercially-viable projects, key parameters to enable the necessary cost-reduction of the technology and increase confidence in tidal energy.

Discover more - meet us at OEE2020 : booth 31

SABELLA’s team will be present at OEE2020 in Brussels, a perfect occasion to highlight progresses accomplished so far and future tidal projects under development.

Through the conference, SABELLA will participate in different speaking sessions and roundtables.

Meanwhile, SABELLA can be followed on social media and more information is available on our website.



Sabella, sustainable and reliable electricity from the power of tides