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Abundant CO2-Free Power from Waves

Seabased is a global leader in wave energy. We design, build, install, and maintain wave-to-grid power parks fueled by ocean waves. Waves are an incredibly predictable renewable, working 24/7, 365 days a year. Wave energy is so abundant, it has the potential to be the largest source of clean energy. That includes CO2-free power for large coastal cities as well as thousands of inhabited islands that now rely on fossil fuel. Our wave energy parks are nearly invisible from the shore. They have no pollutants or blades to hurt living creatures, so they can be used as artificial reefs, increasing biodiversity in sea life.

Power from Wave-to-Grid

Seabased’s technology connects buoys on the surface of the ocean to linear generators resting on the sea floor. The waves move the buoys which move a weight inside the generator to create electricity. This is channeled to a marine subsea station where it is converted to grid-ready power. Seabased wave power parks create a steady stream of electricity from the optimal placement of multiple buoys. The modular, plug-and-play design lets communities start small and scale up, and almost no maintenance is necessary.

Balancing Renewables for Optimal Powe

Today, only 9% of the energy that powers grids worldwide comes from variable renewable energy sources like sun and wind because current grids need a predictable power source to meet demand. But nature has other renewable resources that can be converted to electricity. Every place on the globe has its own palette of natural forces – sun, wind, wave, tides, etc. – that can provide power at different times and with different predictability, balancing one against another. Wave is a stable and highly predictable renewable that  operates 24/7. Because they tend to peak at different times, wave and offshore wind can balance each other beautifully. The future of energy is to tap into the optimal mix of energy for each location.

Preparing for Industrial Ramp Up

Seabased is in the process of optimizing and certifying our system – from wave to grid – in preparation for our industrial ramp up and commercial deployment. Following years of creating and refining prototypes, Seabased deployed two full scale grid-connected demonstration wave parks with several generators each. One was in Sweden, with the utility company Fortum and the Swedish Energy Agency. The other was in Ghana, for the private energy company TC’s Energy. We’ve since contracted with TC’s Energy to build a large wave power park as soon as our technology is commercially certified. This is part of a 250 MW commercial pipeline of projects on four continents.