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Sustainable Marine Energy

Sustainable Marine provides tidal energy solutions for island and coastal communities. The company designs, builds, maintains, and operates its platforms to provide a completely integrated energy solution. 

Its innovative floating tidal energy platform called PLAT-I, has SCHOTTEL SIT250 turbines which are mounted on SIT Deployment Modules allowing them to be quickly raised above the surface for inspection and maintenance. This tidal platform only requires two meters of water for launching and towing and is moored with a turret configuration allowing it to align with the tide or the river flow.


The Pempa’q Tidal Energy Project

A second, and larger platform is currently being assembled in Nova Scotia, Canada and will be launched for testing at Grand Passage early 2021.  It will then be relocated to the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), where some of the highest tides in the world occur.


Sustainable Marine is currently building an array of platforms that will provide nine megawatts of electricity to Nova Scotia’s electrical grid.