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Constant renewable energy

OTEC can generate decarbonised electricity 24/7. This technology could help decarbonise tropical areas – including EU oversea territories – which are currently relying on costly and polluting fossil fuels. According to IRENA, at least 98 nations have been identified with access to OTEC resources within their exclusive economic zone.

OTEC can also produce fresh drinkable water from the sea by desalination, always in great need in tropical areas.

How does it work?

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plants use deep cold seawater and warmer surface seawater to produce a steady power supply. Technologies target a temperature differential of around 20°C or more between cold and warm water.

OTEC prototypes are often land based, but floating prototypes are also under development, which can move from place to place.

Watch a TU Delft video on OTEC