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OPIN Annual Symposium

OPIN Annual Symposium

30 September, 15:00 – 18:00

The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) will hold its first Annual Symposium on 30 September alongside OEE2019.

The symposium will present OPIN’s aims and objectives and demonstrate how the network can support its members. The programme will then focus on Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs) – clusters of SMEs, working with research entities or large companies, to solve problems identified as barriers to the ocean energy sector. Expert contributions and group break-out sessions will provide participants with an understanding of the challenges that CIGs can address and how best to approach them. 

The symposium is free-of-charge to attend and open to all, but you must pre-register. Please contact if you have any questions about the symposium. 

Symposium schedule

15.00: OPIN Project Introduction: Introductory session on OPIN’s aims and objectives.

15.15: CIG Introduction: Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs) application process, highlighting the eligibility criteria for groups.

15.30: CIG Topics/Challenges: Showcase of how the CIG concept can meet the needs of the ocean energy sector. OPIN technical experts will present on three identified challenges to the sector and CIGs formed to tackle them.

16.15: Break-out Session: Opportunity for attendees to discuss their specific interest in the identified challenges. Separate groups will facilitate discussions on each challenges guided by an OPIN technical expert.

17.00: Question and Answers: Opportunity for dialogue between symposiums attendees and the project coordinators.

17.30: Future OPIN Workshops and Events: Highlighting upcoming workshops, masterclasses and symposiums.

About the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN)

The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) is a cross-sectoral collaborative network that aims to accelerate the growth of the ocean energy sector and its supply chains across the partner regions of Ireland, the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

The basic premise of OPIN is to encourage both cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration for Offshore Renewable Energy SMEs. Cross-sectoral collaboration will bring already proven expertise, capabilities and products from other sectors into the ocean energy sector. This will help to reduce costs and accelerate technology development.