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Side Events

OEE2019 Conference Dinner

Monday 30 September, 19:30 – 23:00

Join your colleagues for a drink in the themed galleries of the EPIC Museum and enjoy the immersive and interactive exhibits.

The networking continues with a relaxed, informal dinner where the emphasis is on making new connections and catching up with existing contacts.

IRENA Event: Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe

Tuesday 1 October, Wednesday 2 October

In partnership with Ocean Energy Europe, the International Renewable Energy Agency’s event ‘Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe’ will complement and continue the OEE2019 programme. The event will provide a global perspective on the state of the technology in a variety of potential markets and will discuss what enabling frameworks are needed to accelerate the commercial deployment of this renewable technology.

B2B Networking meetings

Monday 30 September, 10:00 – 18:00 ; Tuesday 1 October, 9:00 – 15:00

The online B2B tool is available free of charge to all registered OEE2019 delegates having paid their Delegate Pass in full. Every attendee will have access to a personal online agenda from which they can send and receive meeting invitations to others.

These one-to-one meetings will give all delegates the opportunity to network in a targeted way with other attendees. Get more out of your attendance by pre-scheduling meetings with potential business and project partners.

To access the B2B online system, you will need the Reference Number included in your Registration Confirmation email. If you did not receive a Confirmation email, please contact

In partnership with Enterprise Europe Network Ireland

6km city run

Sunday 29 September, leaving at 17:30 from outside the CCD 

Meet new ocean energy people, get your heart rate up, and see some of the city of Dublin by taking part in our 6km run. We’ve added 1km to the distance compared to last year – but this time it’s all on the flat. The run is open to runners of all abilities – and it’s not a race!

The route will begin along the River Liffey, taking in some of Dublin’s iconic Docklands quarter, the Grand Canal basin and some nearby parks. The circular route avoids roads as much as possible, prioritising parks and pedestrianised zones. 

The run will start and finish at the main entrance of the CCD, leaving at 17:30 on Sunday 29 September. It will be dark at this time, so please try to wear visible clothing. We can’t promise it won’t rain!

Please sign up in advance via the registration form (if you are already registered, you can sign in to add the run in the ‘options’ section). 


OceanSET Workshop

Monday 30 September, 11:30 – 13:00

The OceanSET workshop is being organised at OEE2019 to encourage knowledge and expertise sharing between innovation providers and funders. The workshop will introduce the project and then address the following topics:

  • Technology gaps in wave and tidal stream
  • Financing for effective development
  • Stage-gate metrics: the new TRL
  • Transparency on costs

OPIN Annual Symposium

Monday 30 September, 15:00 – 18:00

The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) will hold its first Annual Symposium on 30 September alongside OEE2019.

The symposium will present OPIN’s aims and objectives and demonstrate how the network can support its members. The programme will then focus on Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs) – clusters of SMEs, working with research entities or large companies, to solve problems identified as barriers to the ocean energy sector.

MegaRoller – Follow the Surge!

Tuesday 1 October, 13:00 – 14:30

Learn more about the cutting-edge technologies and concepts used in the MegaRoller project (2018-2021, Horizon 2020) at this dedicated side event. MegaRoller is aiming at developing the first 1 MW PTO for oscillating wave surge converters.

The CEO of AW-Energy, the project’s Scientific Coordinator and researchers from the consortium will present the project’s novel methodologies and concepts. The agenda will also include an approach to LCOE calculations for wave energy and environmental monitoring practices being used in MegaRoller.