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Platinum Sponsor: Dutch Marine Energy Centre

@Dutch Marine Energy Centre - Marine Energy Hub

Accelerating marine energy solutions

As the platinum sponsor of the Ocean Energy Europe Conference 2023, Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) is thrilled to welcome ocean energy stakeholders from all over the world in The Hague. With local support from the Municipality of The Hague and the Province of South-Holland, we are looking forward to hosting this exciting event in our so-called “City by the Sea”.

DMEC is an accelerator for marine energy solutions. By advancing innovation, mobilising capital and shaping policies, we create multipurpose energy solutions for a wide variety of markets. During the conference, we will showcase best practices, share insights in approaches towards the blue economy and foster collaboration. We hope to see you during a wide variety of activities that will be organised and in our Marine Energy Hub in the harbour of Scheveningen (The Hague).

The Netherlands: strengthening North Sea collaboration

Being the chair of North Seas Energy Cooperation in 2023, the Netherlands aims to take on a leading role in strengthening the collaboration between the North Sea regions. By joining forces, the Netherlands is well positioned to realise ⅓ of the European targets for ocean energy by 2025 up till 2050. Strengthened by the renowned Dutch offshore, maritime and delta tech sectors, the Netherlands is at the forefront of marine energy developments worldwide. 

@SeaQurrent - TidalKite™

Creating a sustainable blue economy

In the growing Dutch Marine Energy Community, technology developers, research- and test facilities, policy makers, investors and corporates work together to develop global showcases for marine energy and our sustainable blue economy. We hope to welcome you at the Dutch Marine Energy pavilion, organised together wih IRO, The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry, where we present our marine energy solutions.

Welcome to The Hague

The City of The Hague is committed to the 100 Climate Neutral City Mission of the European Commission and as such we welcome Ocean Energy Europe in 2023. The Hague supports sustainable economic development by its ImpactCity programme and sees great potential for Marine Energy. The Hague offers testing facilities offshore, supports companies with finance, housing and access to market and actively facilitates the debate about the future of the North Sea with all relevant stakeholders. These activities are centered at our innovation hotspot Campus@Sea in the middle of the port area. We look forward to welcoming the International Marine Energy industry.

Province of Zuid-Holland

Energy innovation faster, cheaper, better, cleaner! The province of Zuid-Holland promotes energy innovation to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and a fossil-free economy. Our province borders the North Sea and is home to a large maritime sector. In Rotterdam and The Hague we work on marine innovation, including with Campus@Sea in Scheveningen, where offshore energy innovations can be tested in real sea conditions. As a province, we want to play a connecting role in the energy innovation ecosystem. By collaborating with various parties, we can develop and market new products and services more quickly. We do this, for example, with Oceans of Energy, SolarDuck or Wave Hexapod. We hope to take the next step at the Ocean Energy Europe Conference 2023!